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BREATHE DEEP | Intro to Meta Breathwork

Join Darielle Rose, as she leads you through an incredible pranic journey. 

No matter the gravity of what our body holds onto, it needs to be released in order for new moments to affect us in a higher light. The Breathwork is the fastest way to move stagnant energy through our chakras and clear them so that the wheels move freely. When your energy lines open, that is when you can connect to your true self.

The Breathwork is referred to as controlled chaos, it is your experience and your experience only. The more you breathe, the more energy you move, the more you move, the more you let go of, gaining a sense of clarity for the bigger picture to come. 



Students need a yoga mat, optional blanket, (comfortable clothing, preferably layered yoga clothes) water, crystals if they'd like to bring their own.

Earlier Event: September 21
Later Event: September 22
It's Lunchtime : DO & LIVE!