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DOING / LIVING LIVE with Alyson Charles (filmed live interviews + meditation w/ special guest)


Welcome to a live interview series that will give you the career + life + love inspiration, answers, meditative re-set & take-home tools you need. Internationally renowned television host, healer and shaman, Alyson Charles aka RockStar Shaman will interview a special celebrity or influencer guest who is willing to share their most insightful, powerful & innovative secrets for life. How did they master their craft? What personal practices do they do to stay in their power and rise to success despite setbacks & deep hardship? Was there a moment in time that altered the course of their life and aligned them with the work they do now? Join the show magic by being a part of the audience + you will immerse in a brief guided meditation with Alyson (named a "Top Meditation To Try" by Oprah) that will release stress & empower your path forward! *DOING / LIVING LIVE is filming in Manhattan's Pop-Up - DOING / LIVING space (TBD): a conscious marketplace (merging top brands in art, beauty, wellness, fashion & culture positively shifting the world) that you can explore before and after the show.