Salt Cave + Alyson Charles Rockstar Shaman

World-renowned healer, TV host and Oprah and Marie Claire-select Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles will bathe you in the healing vibrations of her drum, rattles and song, along with healing scents from the Amazon. The second portion of the hour will provide a unique tarot card message for each attendee and two of you (selected by Divine) will receive a more in-depth clairvoyant reading, as Alyson relays empowering messages from Universe to you! *special healing bonus gift included at session

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D/L TeamSalt Cave
SynchroniCITY SF | Angelina's Art of Healing + The Good Vibe Tribe

synchroniCITY San Francisco: October 29th

On October 29th, we're taking wings one of our favorite places, to San Francisco for synchroniCITY SF! Get ready for an day of relaxation and good vibes before the Halloween festivities.

In a busy world we bring you synchroniCITY SF presented by the Doing Living, Group in collaboration with Angelina's Art of Healing, The Good Vibe Tribe and The Apothecary Pop-Up Experience. A series focused on cultivating “self intelligence,” through mindfulness and complimentary integrated massage techniques, conscious programming and arts, resulting in improved physical and mental resilience.


Doing Living, Group Creates site-specific + conscious production + creative consulting + community development.

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D/L TeamDoing Living
Doing Living's Pop-Up Series

Doing Living’s synchroniCITY Pop-Up Series drew out its biggest crowd yet Saturday, August 20th.

For the 3rd Saturday in a row, co-hosts Juliet Silva Yee, Oprah and Marie Claire select Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles, and Healing Comedian Kate Wolff, have cultivated a new scene on the Bowery. For people from every walk of life looking for the space to tune in to their inner synchroniCITY, each day has offered different programming from 9:00am - 5:00pm.


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SynchroniCITY Pop-Up Series

The synchroniCITY Pop-Up Series by Doing Living, Group returned to the Bowery August 13th.

Doing Living kicked off the next segment of their new Pop-Up series, synchroniCITY, on the Bowery with co-hosts Juliet Silva Yee, Oprah and Marie Claire select Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles and Healing Comedian Kate Wolff. The series will be hosted every Saturday in August from 9:00am - 5:00pm each with its own tailored programming, updated the Monday proceeding.

Day two of synchroniCITY began with ”Returning to Your Full Power Penthouse Session,” led by the Rockstar Shaman--a gravity defying chakra journey. Kate Wolff then opened the release of stress through laughter with her “Synchronistic Healing Tarot Card Workshop”, Eileen Marder-Mirman led us through “INVITING EVERYTHING IN: The Meditation of Nonduality,” and the flow culminated with an all-body immersive “Tribal Dance & Move to Liberate.”

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SynchroniCITY Pop-Up Series debuts in NYC presented by Doing Living

“synchroniCITY was like nothing I've ever experienced. The depth, liveliness, connectedness, and love was beyond this world. Can't wait to see what magic happens next week!” --KATE WOLFF

Doing Living debuts synchroniCITY Pop-Up Series on the Bowery.

On August 6th, Doing Living debuted their new Pop-Up series synchroniCITY on the Bowery with co-hosts Juliet Silva-Yee, Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles and Healing Comedian Kate Wolff. The series will be hosted every Saturday in August from 9:00am - 5:00pm. synchroniCITY encourages guests to de-stress, connect, and engage with consciously curated programming. Photo of the 11:11 PK Method led by PK Alexander.

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New Conscious Pop-Up Series NYC

Doing Living Group is pleased to announce that they will be offering Synchroni-CITY every Saturday of August 2016, starting Saturday 6, 2016 at The Bowery in New York City. 

Doing Living, Group is a New York based integrative creative agency - specializing in brand partnerships, activations, creative consulting and community development. 

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Pop-Up Dinner in Celebration of Earth Day

On April 22nd, 2016, a group of about 15 people gathered for an unforgettable Pop Up Dinner in celebration of Earth Day. Curated by makeup artist and founder of Pop-Up Art Event presented by Doing Living, Juliet Silva Yee, this was the second dinner of many to come. 

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