New Conscious Pop-Up Series NYC

Doing Living Group is pleased to announce that they will be offering Synchroni-CITY every Saturday of August 2016, starting Saturday 6, 2016 at The Bowery in New York City. 

Doing Living Group is going to be inviting you to a world outside of the busy city streets. New York City can be intense to the senses. Even those of us who might have grown up in New York; we search for sanctuaries between the corridors of our everyday life. Doing Living Group wants you to come into Synchroni-CITY and step away from your everyday life. Away from the noise and the chaos that city life, and our lives in general throw at us everyday. Let’s connect with our minds on a more spiritual plane, and where all of us can enjoy the sanctuaries that are inside of each of us. 

The creators of Pop-Up Art Event introduce a new platform for connectivity and consciousness: Doing Living Group where each Saturday beginning Aug 6, 2016 there will be all walks of life. Doing Living Group will be offering different creative and informative workshops, meditation, yoga, massages, apothecary, pop-up, special pop-up surprises, and more. 

In a world where wellness and healing is something everyone in some capacity is drawn to we stand out because, Doing Living Group really wants to make this available to everyone, every(body), and every mind. We want to make it affordable, and fun. A place to heal and connect on a human level. To meet like-minded people that are going to be enjoying and connecting to the place within themselves. 

The summer series at: The Bowery, will be happening on the 6th, and every Saturday from 8:30AM-4:00PM. Including: the 13th, 20th, and 27th. 

Partners so far that have been confirmed: Apothecary pop-up, red flower, Malaya, Field Apothecary, Harmonica Designs, KOAN, Scandic Botanica, Rebecca Casciano,Lulitonix, Decorilla, and Wtrmlnwtr.

Come and enjoy some solitude with us in August.