SynchroniCITY Pop-Up Series debuts in NYC presented by Doing Living

“synchroniCITY was like nothing I've ever experienced. The depth, liveliness, connectedness, and love was beyond this world. Can't wait to see what magic happens next week!” --KATE WOLFF

Doing Living debuts synchroniCITY Pop-Up Series on the Bowery. On August 6th, Doing Living debuted their new Pop-Up series synchroniCITY on the Bowery with co-hosts Juliet Silva-Yee, Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles and Healing Comedian Kate Wolff. The series will be hosted every Saturday in August from 9:00am - 5:00pm. synchroniCITY encourages guests to de-stress, connect, and engage with consciously curated programming.

Rising up from the streets of the Bowery, guests first dove into a ”Soul Gazing session led by the Rockstar Shaman. Closed eyed and curious, Alyson’s voice helped release the stress from below and led guests into the corridors between sound & thought. Programs entailed: “The Way of INSPIRATION” by P.K. Alexander, the release of stress through laughter with the “Synchronistic Healing Tarot Card Workshop” by Kate Wolff, and “INVITING EVERYTHING IN: The Meditation of Nonduality,” by Eileen Marder-Mirman. The internal exploration brought up as many questions as it did answers about how we all connect to ourselves and our worlds. synchroniCITY came full circle at the end of the day with Alyson’s “Rooftop Stress Relief”.

This is an experience that will Enlighten your perspective; come with an open mind to synchroniCITY presented by Doing Living.

About Doing Living, Group

Doing Living, Group is a platform created by Juliet Silva-Yee bringing together Pop-Up Art event and Apothecary Pop-Up. By combining these platforms Doing Living, Group is creating a space for connectivity and consciousness. In a busy world we bring you synchroniCITY a series brought to you by Rockstar Shaman, Alyson Charles, Healer and Comedian, Kate Wolff, and Juliet Silva-Yee, founder of Doing Living. An experience for your mind, body and soul. Take this journey and connect with your innerself.