Doing Living's Pop-Up Series

Doing Living’s synchroniCITY Pop-Up Series drew out its biggest crowd yet Saturday, August 20th.

For the 3rd Saturday in a row, co-hosts Juliet Silva Yee, Oprah and Marie Claire select Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles, and Healing Comedian Kate Wolff, have cultivated a new scene on the Bowery. For people from every walk of life looking for the space to tune in to their inner synchroniCITY, each day has offered different programming from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

The last day of synchroniCITY will be on Aug 27th--its schedule to be posted on Monday Aug, 22nd.

Day three of synchroniCITY began with a centering “Flow Love: A Yoga + Journaling Rooftop Adventure,” led by Abbi Miller, focusing of breath with Kathleen Booker’s, “Jedi of Calm, Breathe Deep. . .Live Deeper!,” focusing of movement with “The Way of INSPIRATION,” by P.K. Alexander, and a seated stress relief through laughter with Kate Wolff’s “Synchronistic Healing Through Tarot Card Workshop.” The day wound down with Live Readings & All Sensory Meditation” with the Rockstar Shaman and a two part “Pilates & Yoga” session with Nicole Sweet and Sasha Nelson. All the while, Sound Off’s guided meditation was open to the guests who preferred a more reclusive journey.

Intended to be a platform where guests can create as much love as they’re receiving, we invite the public to come with an Open Mind and heart, to reunite with their own synchroniCITY.