SynchroniCITY SF | Angelina's Art of Healing + The Good Vibe Tribe

SynchroniCITY SF Pop-Up Series presented by Doing Living, Group debuted on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 from 11:30pm to 4:30pm in the historic DogPatch District of San Francisco.

The morning began with a complimentary Turmeric infused elixir shots provided by Temple Turmeric. Angelina's Art of Healing + The Good Vibe Tribe provided integrated massages beyond the curtains and Relaxation Tee Pee. 

In a busy world we bring you synchroniCITY SF presented by the Doing Living, Group in collaboration with Angelina's Art of Healing, The Good Vibe Tribe and The Apothecary Pop-Up Experience. A series focused on cultivating “self intelligence,” through mindfulness and complimentary integrated massage techniques, conscious programming and arts, resulting in improved physical and mental resilience.

The celebrated synchroniCITY program elixir, originally launched in New York City in August, takes wings to San Francisco later this month, taking place on Saturday, October 29th from 11:30am -4:00pm. "We are excited to expand to the west coast and partner with Angelina Cedeno, founder of Angelina’s Art of Healing + The Good Vibe Tribe, as we share a similar ethos; a lead with integrity and heart philosophy, while creating opportunities for companies and individuals to find time for self care. " -Juliet Silva Yee, Founder of Doing Living, Group 

** Apothecary Pop-Up Experience + Pop-Up Art Experience All Day**


Angelina's Art of Healing + The Good Vibe Tribe is a brand new San Francisco based Massage Collective, founded by Angelina Cedeno LMT.  Angelina is best known as the massage program manager for some of SF's top technology innovators. Angelina's Art of Healing + The Good Vibe Tribe take mindfulness and integrative massage techniques to a whole new level; introducing Supporting The Tree of Health philosophy,  which incorporates energy alignment, massage techniques, acupuncture, herbs, mediation, diet, and exercise resulting in a revived essence of energy resulting in higher productivity.

The Good Vibe Tribe's members include; Kimberly Mark CMT, Kirsten Nicholas CMT, Jose Ochoa CMT and Ericka campos CMT advanced neuromuscular muscular therapist.


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