synchroniCITY Pop-Up Series by Ginger Boyd

“According to the math, there is a 1 in 400 trillion odds against you, being here, alive today. But you beat them--the unfathomable chances. You are not an accident. You must be here for a reason.” Doing Living, Group (DLG), Oprah and Marie Claire select Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles, and Healing Comedian, Kate Wolff, have officially kicked off their new August, Saturday series. synchroniCITY debuted its soft-launch on Aug 6th, weaving together a 5th-dimensional, transformative group of healers in an innovative new corner of New York City--and who, dare we say, laid down some pretty profound shh. It’s easy to become synced with the grind here. New York is fast--get over it. New York is demanding--get over it. (For the vast majority of us) New York takes more than it gives--cry me a river.. Or we can create an alternative. A respite. A place where crying is not only OK, but collectively honored and shared as a divine human right. Rising up from the streets of the Bowery in the early AM, synchroniCITY guests were guided into the secret penthouse and became quickly kindled by the curiously intimate programming, weak-in-the-knees-raw-organic LuliTonix + Beyoncé blessed WTRMLN WTR, 360°-views from the rooftop garden.. and a burning-sage-sensation that there just may be more to this thing called life than the aimless bustle below.

Our collective and personal journeys began with treating ourselves to the Mālayā Organics skin alchemy and “Soul Gazing” with the Rockstar Shaman. The day then wove through reflective pools of various guided meditations from there--no zen master credentials required. Experts, beginners, and fresh first-timers together, cried, laughed, and reveled in "The Way of INSPIRATION,” the PK Alexander Method, “Synchronistic Healing Through Taro,” with Kate, “INVITING EVERYTHING IN: The Meditation of Nonduality,” led by Eileen Marder-Mirman, and a final Rockstar Shaman “Rooftop Stress Relief” session. A free flowing, self-directed, and open sanctuary to Recharge, Recenter, Rediscover your purpose in life, or just enjoy the simplicity of being present, DLG has reminded us that mindful healing and feeling are not yet lost to the stampede of Gotham. To decide for yourself, programming continues August 13th, 20th, & 27th, 9:00AM - 5:00PM each day. Odds are, synchroniCITY awaits. About Doing Living, Group The founder of Pop-Up Art Event and Apothecary Pop-Up, Juliet Silva Yee, introduces a new platform for connectivity and consciousness: Doing Living, Group. synchroniCITY and the Apothecary Pop-Up Shopping are part of an ongoing series of pop-ups around the city and coast to coast, that provide opportunities to heal and connect on a vulnerable level and to meet like-minded people that enjoy the subtle art of genuinely connecting within themselves, and with each other. In a world where wellness is something everyone in some capacity is drawn to, Doing Living, Group strives to make these events affordable, available, and accessible to everyone, every mind, and every(body).

Juliet Silva Yee